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Laboratotry Activity

Taesung has laboratories approved for operation under the principles of GLP and has ISO/IEC 17025 approval for some of its analytical procedures.Investigation of the antimicrobial activity of biocides according to international standards and under GLP accreditation. Testing of biocidal activity of products: water/industrial water treatments, biofilm treatment, textile and surfaces applications. Investigation of new biocides, their applications and dosing systems. Microbial analysis of water, wastewater and effluents, including field sampling and testing. BOD determination. Microbial investigation of pharmaceutical products according to Pharmacopeia

Biocidal products are necessary to contrast harmful organisms for human and animal health and the organisms which damage natural or manufactured materials. Harmful organisms include insects, mice, bacteria, moulds and many others. Due to their intrinsic properties and their pattern of use, biocidal products can pose risks to humans, animals and to the environment.

With expertise in designing Taesung laboratory studies for meeting regulatory guidelines, Taesung Laboratories offers broad capabilities and capacities for GLP-compliant testing for biocides. We apply advanced analytical methodologies and develop innovative test systems for product development and environmental challenges.
Our experts perform biocide analysis according to the European Union (EU) biocides Regulation (EU) 528/2012). Our laboratories are also able to perform efficacy studies for biocidal products on request. You can depend on Taesung Laboratories for translating regulatory guidelines to meet your product development goals.